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Over 100 historical Southwest Seminars lectures by leading scholars of the Southwest and beyond in the fields of History, Archaeology, Native Voices, Natural Sciences and the Environment. Learn from national and regional scholars as they share their passion and knowledge of their fields of important research.

  • NATIVE VOICES: we honor original Native inhabitants, the many indigenous peoples, through time and modern Pueblo descendants.

  • ANCIENT SITES, ANCIENT STORIES: explore the significance of nearby archaeological sites, cultural anthropology and the sacred landscape.

  • VOICES FROM THE PAST: discover Spanish Colonial, Mexican-American and Territorial history of New Mexico.

  • MOTHER EARTH, FATHER SKY: learn fascinating stories of earth history, geologic processes that formed our scenic landscape, as well diverse natural and environmental sciences.

We are able to offer these historic videos, drawn from 26 years of weekly (50-a-year) lectures, at no charge because of the generosity of our supporters. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Southwest Seminars to continue this project.  Thanks for your continuing support and know how much you mean to both of us at Southwest Seminars, a non-profit 501c3 educational organization.

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Mail us at 219 Ojo de la Vaca, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508