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SOUTHWEST SEMINARS is a self-sustaining educational non-profit organization 501(c)3 that specializes in developing programs in Southwest studies in the fields of history, archaeology, natural sciences and culture which are sensitive to the multi-cultural heritage and community traditions of its people.  Its purpose is to educate, foster and encourage awareness, as well as to heighten cultural sensitivity in the Southwest through academic lectures, educational tours and videos of archived lectures.

In 2020 we created this new Video Library from our treasured collection of archived lectures with exceptional scholars for you to rent to enjoy during a time of social distancing and the better times that will surely follow. Learn from national and regional scholars as they share their passion and knowledge of their fields of important research. In Voices From the Past discover Spanish Colonial, Mexican-American and Territorial history of New Mexico.  In Native Voices we honor our original Native inhabitants, the many indigenous peoples through time, and modern Pueblo descendants. In Ancient Sites Ancient Stories we explore the significance of nearby archaeological sites, cultural anthropology and the sacred landscape. In Mother Earth, Father Sky, learn fascinating stories of earth history, geologic processes that formed our scenic landscape, as well diverse natural and environmental sciences.  New video lectures  from our archived library will be added on a regular basis, with more than 1,200 archived lectures we always have new information to share.

Southwest Seminars hosts over Weekly Public Lectures  (50 a year) attended by usually 80-150 folks at tribal-owned Hotel Santa Fe and occasionally at the Santa Fe Woman’s Club. The Monday night lectures feature exceptional scholars in the fields of Archaeology, Southwest History, Native Cultures and Natural Sciences who share primary research with an engaged audience of Santa Fe locals and visitors of over 5,000 folks annually. Twenty yeas after our founding in 1997 we have offered over 1,200 public lectures and hundreds of field study tours. Our efforts provide public exposure to scholars of primary research and engage members of our community in important issues.

In 2019 Southwest Seminars conducted Field Study Tours accompanied by exceptional scholars. Participants learned about the geologic stories told by the rocks and landscape including ancient oceans, swamps, rivers, and sand dunes in the Navajo Sandstone of Snow Canyon and Zion. While hiking the cultural landscape of Bears Ears, we shared a rare opportunity to walk with respect among ancestral sacred sites, great houses, kivas, towers, shrines and rock art, untethered by paved pathways to marvel about the people who created such beauty. We learned about the past and the present of Picuris Pueblo and the environmental issues they face. We learned about the Ortiz Volcanic system and the geologic story told in the Cretaceous to the Tertiary eras and its eventual demise. We learned about the geologic forces that created the Grand Canyon and its human history while rafting the magnificent Colorado River. Participants witnessed ceremonial dances and visited indigenous friends and artists. Educational programming and lectures were also provided for special academic and private groups. 

Please share our lecture and trip schedules and this new video website with your friends. Sign up for our occasional newsletters that keep you informed of upcoming lectures, new tours or new video releases. Thanks for your amazing support and know how much you mean to both of us at Southwest Seminars, a non-profit 501c3 educational organization.

Thank you! 

Connie Eichstaedt &  Alan Osborne

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